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Maid Service

We ensure that your possessions are treated with care while making them shine.

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House Cleaning

Including Bedroom, Living room, Dining room, Kitchen, Bathroom, Hallways.

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Moving In / Out

We understand what is required for apartment cleanings to restore it to the original presentation

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We accept online orders. Daily, weekly, monthly always with great prices

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House Cleaning

How often you have a maid service come to your house depends on your needs and your schedule. You might need just a little help staying on top of things, such as if you are elderly or handicapped, or you might need a lot of help because of your busy schedule or because you entertain a lot. Here is an idea of what the various schedules are best suited for:

  • Weekly -- A weekly cleaning is ideal for those with busy lives and lots of social obligations. For these people, even a simple wiping down of kitchen counters and vacuuming can put a crimp in their overloaded schedules. Even those who work at home can find themselves without the time to do much beyond the bare necessities depending on the nature of the work.
  • Bi-weekly -- As a general upkeep type of service, this is the most popular schedule for many homes. It's ideal for someone who is busy, but not overloaded with work or social commitments.
  • Monthly -- A once-a-month thorough cleaning provides a good, regular service for your home. While it can be more costly than the previous two options because of the workload involved, it's also often enough for people who don't entertain a lot and who may not have particularly loaded schedules.

Deep Cleaning

After this deep cleaning, our service will keep your home in top shape. It is also very useful after events, or during holiday season.

This professional service is especially for: Moving into new home - Moving out of home - Spring cleaning - As a special gift for someone

Our service routine is tailored to individual needs, but our basics task include:

  • Cleaning bathroom
  • Cleaning kitchen
  • Cleaning bedroom and other rooms
  • Organizing areas in your house

Move In / Out Service

In addition to the items listed here, move out cleanings include:
-Deep cleaning of kitchen and bathroom including interior of cabinets and drawers
- Cleaning and dusting baseboards
- Cleaning light fixture coverings by removing to wash, dry and replace
- Window sills, track and frame
- We can clean the interior of appliances for a small additional fee of $19.95 per appliance
If time allows, or you wish to purchase extra time we can also:
-Clean walls
-Clean blinds
-Clean windows
-Clean garage or porch

Online Orders

  • To book your cleaning fill out the required information.
  • Please note all dates booked online can only be guaranteed by telephone to confirm availability.
  • All prices for maid services are estimates based on a hourly rates, not guaranteed to completion of property.
  • Cleaning times and results can vary based on condition of property.
  • Should your booked cleaning require additional hours beyond the estimated time, you may authorize additional hours for the rate of twenty $25.00 per hour of labor.
  • Weekly / Biweekly bookings are obligated to 2 cleanings.
  • All bookings are final.

Top Services list

Vaccum & Wash all Flooring, Dusting, Baseboards, Empty & Clean Waste Baskets, Kitchen - all surface areas, Countertops & Cabintes, Tables & Chairs, Furniture Dusted & Wiped, Electronics & Knick-Knacks, Cleaning of Mirrors, Linens Changed, Bathrooms - Clean & Disenfect, Showers & Tubs, Sinks & Vanities, Scrub Floors & Tile Walls, Polish Chrome, Woodwork & Door Frames, Switch Plates.

Move Out Cleaning

cleaning to prepare your home for the next resident, whether you are putting it on the market or wanting to reclaim your deposit from a rental.


House cleaning: Dust & vacuum. Dust window sills, doors, picture frames, lamps, furniture, woodwork, shelves, and light dusting of baseboards. Vacuum carpets and wash floors throughout. Empty and clean wastebaskets.


House cleaning: Clean exterior of appliances, cabinets, table and chairs. Sanitize and scrub counter, sinks and back splashes. Interior of appliances can be cleaned for a small additional fee of $19.95 per appliance.


House cleaning: All furniture dusted and wiped. All electronic equipment and knick-knacks dusted and cleaned. Carpet or area rugs vacuumed and wood floors washed.


House cleaning: All furniture including glass and wood tables dusted and polished. Carpet or area rugs vacuumed throughout.


House cleaning: Complete dusting including mirrors, night tables, dressers and lamps. We can also launder and change your bed linens- please request this at the time of booking.


House cleaning: Clean, disinfect and deodorize showers, bathtubs, vanities, cabinets, mirrors, sinks and toilets. Wash and scrub floors, tile walls, and chrome polished.


House cleaning: Baseboards wiped down, fingerprints washed from all woodwork, door frames and switch plates. Vacuum or wash floors throughout.All cleanings are customizable! Additional services (such as laundry, changing bed linens, cleaning the interior of your appliances etc.) are available. Tell us your specific needs at the time of booking so we can be sure to focus on what is important to you.

Cleaning Supplies basic list

Dusting Supplies

Cleaning Cloths
Dust Mop or
Vacuum Cleaner Dusting Attachment
Dusting Spray and/or
Furniture Polish

Trash Supplies

Trash Cans
Trash Can Liners
Baking Soda
Recycling Bins

General Surface Supplies

All-Purpose Cleaner
Kitchen Cleaner or Wipes
Bathroom Cleaner or Wipes
Paper Towels

Special Surface Supplies

Oven Cleaner
Stone Cleaner
Dish Soap
Automatic Dishwasher Detergent
Oven Cleaner
Stone Cleaner
Dish Soap
Wood Polish
Upholstery Spot Remover
Leather Cleaner
Laundry Soap
Laundry Stain Remover
Laundry Additives
Toilet Bowl Cleaners
Soft Scrubbing Cleaner
Air Freshener
Glass Cleaner
Silver or Metal Polish

Floor Cleaning Supplies

Vacuum Cleaner
Mop Bucket
Mopping Solution
Floor Polish

Storage and Organizing Supplies

Storage Containers
Labels or Label maker
Filing System