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Recurring Jersey Cleaning Lady

The right decision for all of your Home or Office maintenance needs. Our home cleaning service truly pride ourselves on consistently building new connections and keeping a long and lasting relationship with our steady clients.

Jersey Cleaning Lady, the best cleaning service, makes you feel very comfortable knowing that we always mean business. Our very friendly staff of mostly Russian and Latino background are very detail oriented and always professional.

As a professional home and office cleaning service, we take care of every detail at your house. We are pet friendly.

We make sure at the day of cleaning is the most convenient for you and that you come back home to get rest in well cleaned and refreshed place.

Our efficient customer service requires us to have a full understanding of our clients specific needs and requirements. We always do our best to fulfill and exceed all expectations.

We always prefer to ask our customers all of the important questions, then we follow directions and get right to work.

You will be pleased to find your home or office neat and truly spotless.